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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Our doggie.

Today (and always) I'm thankful for my Treydogg.

It was about a year after graduation and I'd already started telling Trav how badly I wanted a puppy. "No way!" He would say. "We don't have a house, we live in an apartment, and they are a lot more work than you think!!" I assured him that we had plenty of puppies growing up and and it would be just fine. I said the apartment had tons of grass, so we'd have no problems. It still didn't change his mind.

I still knew I wanted a dog though. I knew exactly what I wanted. I wanted a beige (red nose) pitbull.

One weekend I was in Idaho visiting the bestest and she mentioned that her parents got a puppy and then decided that they didn't want him after all. She didn't know what kind of puppy it was because he was too little. She THOUGHT it might have been a pitbull.

The minute she told me about him, we picked up and left to go see him!

We pulled into her parents house and there he was. Huddled in the corner of the house and the step, all by himself. He was a pitbull, I could tell right away. He wasn't beige, or even a red nose...He was a brindle, but I loved him. I picked him up and didn't put him down until we got to the Petco to get his "free puppy nail clipping." I couldn't resist. He was the most adorable puppy I'd ever seen and I was pretty sure Trav would be just as happy about it as I was!

Mari (bestest) lived with her cousins at the time so when we went back to the house, everyone was getting ready to go out and have fun and I didn't want to. I couldn't really. I had this little puppy...who was a little scared because of all this new excitement. Deep down, I started to worry at that moment...What was I going to do with him while we were at work? What if we couldn't have puppy's at our apartment? Would I be able to afford anything he needed? Shots? Food? Toys? It didn't matter though, he was mine and I would do the best I could. I didn't want to let anyone know I was worried about it, mainly because that part couldn't get to Travis! I remember it was a Saturday and all I was thinking was how excited I was to get home with my new puppy and show Travis!! I couldn't wait until Sunday, so Kass and I left that night, instead of going out with our friends.

I went home with Trey and he slept on the couch with me that night. Travis had spent the weekend at his dad's so he saw Trey when he got home the next morning. He wasn't the happiest Travis in the world, but he knew how bad I wanted a puppy and agreed he was adorable. He kept saying over and over though, how much work it was going to be to have a puppy!

Trey was 4 weeks old and so, so, small and cuddly!!

Now, he's 3 1/2 years old, weighs 55 pounds, and still likes to cuddle! In fact, he gives hugs and kisses for free, anytime!!

I'm extremely lucky to have Trey as my first dog. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better dog. I couldn't even pay $1000 to buy a better dog. He is such a sweet boy! With any other dog, we most definitely had rough times. Potty training was fairly hard because Trav and I were both working during the day. He had a few months where he decided he wanted to see how many hoses he could make us buy, and he chewed a few of his 30 dollar beds up, the night after we bought them...but now, he is perfect and everything we went through to get to this point was 100 percent worth it. There are also many, many things that we never even had to worry about with him. Things that kind of just came in the package deal. We never had to worry about him going out of the yard. In fact, he's a scaredy cat sometimes and won't go potty by himself unless you walk with him to the part of the yard that he likes to conduct business with. We never had to worry about him jumping (or stepping) over any type of gate that we'd put up when we weren't home, and he's always just been nice. (For awhile there, we didn't think he even knew how to bark!)

He is extremely nice, friendly, playful, and lovable. He will follow you until...well, he never really stops following you. When you stop though, he stops and lays down and gets comfy till you're ready to move again :). Then at the same time, he has a personality! Sometimes he is stubborn and when you tell him to shake, he will look at you and let you know he knows what you are talking about, he just decides not to do it. He eventually gives in though, so he has a cute stubborn-ness to him. Not an annoying one!

If our next dog is even half as amazing as Trey, I will be satisfied!

Here's a pic of my buddy. (He has been right here, resting his head on my lap, the entire time I've been writing this post!)

Now we're off to bed!

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..::kassi.wooten::. said...

hahahaha god hes so cute. i got a tear. hes my favorite dog too. i will never get a dog in my life, unless its treys baby. no battle.

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