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Monday, November 23, 2009

A good excuse/THANKFUL for....

Last night after yelling at Travis for turning the lights off while I was in the bathroom and telling him how childish that is, I walk out of the bathroom to find out that he, in fact didn't touch the bathroom lights...and the rest of the house looked the same. :(

So, after apologizing, we go around the house, lighting all of the candles and gathering our flash lights!

We'd been home from Price for like 20 minutes so at the time, Trav was doing the dishes and I was about to start laundry, then blog. This being the "Good Excuse." I called the power company and they said it was estimated to be off until 9:30! (It was 5:30 at the time) The first thing I do is look at Travis and ask what we were going to do for dinner now (knowing in my head that the reason I'm asking the question is because I already know we can't cook anything) and he says "I don't know, we won't be able to cook anything though." I reply with a nice little "Way to go, Captain Obvious!" He laughed and then said he was just telling me that because I was asking what we would do for dinner. Um, duh...

After a few minutes, we decided to go to Subway with the hopes that when we got home, the power would be back on. (It's really no fun sitting at home with no power. Although, we were pretty hooked up. Wrapped in a blanket, listening to Pandora on my phone, and passing the ipod back and forth after every "game over" on the most amazing game ever.)

While at Subway, I looked out the window and noticed how bad it was snowing and how FAST the snow was flying. (Note: Travis was NOT looking out the window) I nicely said to him "Wow, look how fast the snow is flying!" he not so nicely replied "Way to go, Captain Obvious!" Funny, except for his didn't work as well as mine. Not even a little bit. He seemed to think he was pretty funny, though.

Anyway...I think something that we take WAY for granted is power!! Last night made me definitely realize how thankful for power I actually am!

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..::kassi.wooten::. said...

hahahahahaaha thats awesome. but he does shut off the bathroom light even when the power is on just to be childish so dont feel too bad for yelling at him. wear the pants!

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