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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Awkward little situation!

At work we are in the process of moving to another building so lately we've had people up on ladders and in the ceiling getting different wiring, or whatever they are doing, I'm not 100 percent sure. Anyway, they've been around lots. So, today I am at work taking calls and some guy comes like RIGHT next to my desk and plops his ladder down, climbs up it, and goes into the ceiling. I'm just at my desk, minding my own business, taking a call and talking to some operator with some company who's relocated to India. The guy on the ladder comes down from the ceiling and walks away. As he's walking away, there is a extremely loud noise! Like vacuum times 32. So, being DIRECTLY under this noise, and on a call...I try to ignore it and hope my Hearing User can still hear me as I'm relaying the call. The guy comes back and goes back up into the ceiling. This time he is carrying a bucket. Thinking nothing of it, I continue with my call. While on this call, the India operator I'm talking to all of a sudden puts the call on hold. No notice or anything. I thought that was kinda weird. So, then he comes back from putting us on hold and says Sorry, I uh...had, please repeat your question. As he is saying this to me, guy in ceiling is just chillin. The loud noise is still going on, and I am trying my hardest to just relay this call normally. At this point, I can only see ceiling guy from his knees to his feet and all of a sudden, there is a downpour. Let me be specific. There is a downpour of water from the ceiling to my desk. The guy jumps down from the ladder and apologizes over and over. I assure him it's okay and feel bad for him because to do you say sorry to someone when you just spilled an entire bucket of water on their desk. I was pretty sure the shock on my face told him enough, and even if it didn't the first and only thing I could come up with to say was "It's okay...I didn't really need these papers anyway." I'm sure that made him feel like a champ! Poor kid. So I tried to let him know it was no big deal. I then continue on with my call and I get to thinking. What in the world could have been "India Operator's" emergency that he needed to place us on an immediate hold, only to return a few seconds later, ready to go on with the call? Maybe they too are moving to a different building and have maintenance men in the ceiling? I'll never know, I just found it rather hilarious that at the same time he was having an "emergency" I was getting a bucket of water dumped on my desk! What a coincidence! haha

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