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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We started a tradition...

If you've read this blog, you might know that we (well mostly I...Travis does enjoy it though) are obsessed with carving pumkins. We always have so much fun! Well, my aunt is down from Alabama for a few weeks and I thought it would be fun to get together as a family at grandma and grandpa's house and carve pumpkins! We laid a huge sheet down in the living room with a vynl table cloth and newspaper on top of it and carved away! It was so much fun. We decided that from here on out, every Halloween, this is what we are going to do.

Here are some pictures that we took. I took one of everyone's pumpkin, then a few of the group. Some of us used stencils, some of us stayed original and did freehand, and some of us. Well, Mariah, decorated Grandma's for her :) It turned out adorable. What a fun night!

My pumpkin from Monday night.

Alexis's cute lil punkin

Look at all those pumpkins!

Mariah/Grandma's pumpkin

Pumpkins from Monday night. (Megans, Megans, Auntie Kristine, and mine.)

Harley's (with the help of Uncle David)

Mariah's (With the help of Auntie Kristine's)
Scott (Katie's bf)




Auntie Kristine, Mariah, and the pumpkin

This might be my absolute favorite picture. Alexis had no idea what the lady on the TV was doing behind her. Turns out, they were doing the exact same thing! lol

Kassi had a growing pumkin seed in her pumpkin!!

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