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Monday, October 13, 2008

3 things...

1) This was a crazy, crazy weekend for football! Totally hard to do picks with. That being said, I must share a story about Travis :) So, he has been SO excited because at work each week, they do picks for all of the games on Sunday and then the Monday night game. I must admit that I was pretty excited about this too because the pot is for like $200+ each week, just depending on how many people are participating. So, Trav brought the little paper home where he needed to circle the teams that he was going to win and of course we are both looking at it deciding on which teams to go for. He had an attitude like he was going to KNOW all the picks and the money was basically his already, lol. On most of the games we agreed on who would win except for two main ones. I told him that the Colts would win the Ravens and Tampa Bay would win the Panthers. He refused to listen to me and went with the other teams. It was SO much fun rubbing it in his face Sunday when both of the teams I said would win not only won, but dominated! lol This was a really hard week to choose for too though because a LOT of games went unexpected. I doubt he will win the money but we will see. Either way, I still think I got the good end of the stick because I got bragging rights now. He is like the football master, so that made me feel good :)

Second piece of exciting news! Our neighbor asked us the other day if we wanted to go to the UTAH vs. BYU game with him! First I though to myself, much do you think that would cost? and wait...didn't I hear someone say that they were sold out already? THEN he mentioned the important part...that he knew someone who had the "hook up" and we would be going FOR FREE :) How awesome is that?! Good neighbors=good times!

This weekend Trav's family came to visit. We had SUCH a full house, holy cow. They came on Saturday and stayed until Sunday so it wasn't too chaotic but still...8 people in our little one bedroom place can be just a little crazy, lol. It was fun though. We got to spend time with his mom, his brother/girlfriend, sister and her two friends. I also spent 5 of those hours in the ER with my sister. She is doing well now but was really, really sick over the weekend. I felt so bad! We're glad she is doing better though! It was kind of nice to get a break from the busyness at my house :)

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