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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

8 things!

Favorite TV shows...
1. Football
2. American Idol
3. Family Guy
4. Simpsons
5. King of the Hill
6. Intervention
7. Dog Whisperer
8. Deal or No Deal and Are You Smarter Than a 5th grader and other games shows :)

8 Favorite Restaurants...
1. La Puente
2. Cafe Rio
3. Sizzler
4. Olive Garden
5. I don't think I have 8 favorite restaurants
6. Jamba Juice (It's not a restaurant, but it should be)
7. Souper Salad. haha. I'm classy;)
8. Chili's

8 things that happened yesterday...
1. We watched Minnesota Vikings play the Saints and WIN!!!!
2. Had Del Taco for dinner
3. Worked
4. Picked Trav up from work
5. Cleaned the house
6. Listened to a song 5 times in a row
7. Messed around on my lappy
8. Played with Trey

8 things to look forward to...
1. The haunted house tonight...for FREE :)
2. The weekend so we can sleep in!
3. Holidays coming up!
4. Christmas shopping
5. FALL and Winter!
6. Auntie Kristine coming down in 13 days!!!
7. Music that I am about to put on
8. Spending time with the family during the holidays

8 things I love about Fall...
1. OH MY...It is my favorite season. This could be pretty easy! I love the colors!
2. I love the scent of the candles that only come out around this time!
3. Getting a warm chai
4. The weather is perfect!
5. I love what fall decorations look like and how "homey" they make your house feel
6. The holidays!
7. How everyone just seems so much happier around this time.
8. The FISHING is GREAT from right now right up until it freezes over

8 things on my wishlist...
1. Catch up on sleep...Have to agree with Heather on this one.
2. I would love to sell my car and get a brand new one.
3. Learn sign language some day.
4. Move into a bigger place.
5. Wish that fall would stay year-round.
6. I wish that when we do a food drive at work it is super successful. That always gives me warm fuzzy feelings.
7. I wish that I had an unlimited amount of money and could shop at Michael and Roberts all day.
8. I wish that my friends lived closer!

8 people I tag...
1. I was tagged by Heather but she has already filled both of these out...But I have to tag her back. Or maybe not. I am not so sure on the tagging rules. But yeah, she could find another one and fill it out...because I'm tagging her :)
2. Moi
3. Eeka
4. Ali
5. And
6. Whoever
7. Else
8. Wants to

A-Attached or single: Attached
B-Best Friend(s): I have to make that plural. Travis, Mari, and Veronica.
C-Cake or Pie: I would go with pie. Travis would go with cake, or brownies
D-Day: Sunday...FOOTBALL baby! If not, Friday is the best :)
E-Essential Item: Travis- The NFL channel Jessica- Music
F-Favorite Color: Trav likes Red and Blue and I like Pink or Purple or Teal or Gray. It's hard to choose!
G-Gummy Bears or Worms. Worms!
H-Hometown: Salt Lake City, UT
I-Indulgences: Lots of money and spending it on decorations.
J-January or July: January. (Hot cocoa, skiing, coats, and fireplaces)
K-Kids: Love them but don't have any yet.
L-Life is incomplete without: Family & friends & music
M-Marriage: will happen eventually. :)
N-Number of Siblings: 6
O-Oranges or Apples: Apple juice but Oranges if I am eating the fruit.

P-Phobias or Fears: Spiders, Losing anyone I love.
Q-Quote: I dont have any good ones off the top of my head.
R-Reason To Smile: The season!
S-Season: lol, FALL!
T-Tag at least Three: Doesn't matter.
U-Unknown Fact About Me: I love post-its!!
V-Vegetarian or Oppressor of Animal: Um...
W-Worst Habit: Probably snoozing the alarm 45 times before I actually get up.
X-X-Rays or Ultrasounds: Neither right now.
Y-Your Favorite Food: Mmm...Smothered burrito with cheese and onions.
Z-Zodiac Sign: Pisces

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