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Friday, October 3, 2008

Good day!

So I have a whole bunch of overtime at work this week and I am off at like 10:30 today! So nice :) I get to go and run a whole bunch of errands, lucky me!! They are the fun kind of 'errands' going shopping to decorate for Halloween and such.

Mari and Matt are coming down this weekend and staying with us. They have meetings for most of the weekend (for Mona Vie) but we will still find time to do stuff and we are still DEFINITELY going out at night! I am soo excited :)

So, funny story about Travis. He was at work yesterday (keep in mind, this is his 4th day of work) Anyway, actually..I should probably give a background of what he does before I tell the story cuz it will make a little more sense. So, it is pretty much a production line to prepare the pipes for fire sprinkler system thingys in buildings. He works in the shop and currently he is 'threading' the pipe (making it easy to screw more pipe onto it.) One of the guys there cuts the pipe and gives him piles of it to thread, once he threads it, another guy takes it and puts fittings on it to prepare it for installation, then another guy welds everything together and BAM! You have pipe ready to be installed :) So, the cool thing about it is they kind of switch off jobs sometimes so everyone learns everything and they dont get sick of just doing one thing. Ok, so back to my story...The guy who usually cuts the pipe for Travis was not there, or was doing something else so Travis went to go cut some more pipe for himself. He thought it looked pretty common sense so he pulls up the big heavy handle of the cutter (I picture it like a paper cutter) and he puts the pipe in and he pulls the handle down. Well, apparently he held the wrong side of the pipe so the side he didnt hold came flying up and hit him right in the middle of his forehead! He came home and had a good little bump, haha. His friend was coming over just as it hit him and told him that he did the same thing during his first week and said "Dude, you should have grabbed the other side." Apparently it is not so common sense ;) (Travis might not like me for posting that.)

That is all for now! Have a FAN TAS TIC weekend because it is FRIDAY :)

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