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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Such. A. Long. Night.

Last night was hilarious...then horrible...then funny all over again. But mostly horrible.

Trav and I were chillin at home and we get a phone call from our friends saying that they had just broke down and wondered if we still had AAA so they could use one of our tow's. (That normally would have been totally fine because AAA is awesome and they give you PLENTY of tow's per year. I call to AAA and tell them that I broke down and need a tow and find out that I no longer have a AAA account because I turned a certain age and it needs to be renewed. Peachy. I then call my grandma because 1) I am so lucky to have her 2) She is ALWAYS there to help, regardless of the time or situation 3) I love her dearly and 4) She has a membership to AAA as well that I know is not expired. *Side note-I dont think that 1-3 give my grandma enough justice. She is so amazing. I really hope I am just like her* Anyways, so I call my grandma and let her know what is going on and asked if I could use one of her tow's since she uses like maybe one a year and they give you like 6 or 7. She said that was fine but she didnt really want to go anywhere if she didnt have to. This time I call AAA back again *cough* pretending to be my grandma. With her permission, of course. After about 5 minutes of being on the phone with this guy, he tells me that they will not be able to help me because I dont have my ID and they don't want anyone trying to "steal my identity" Peachy. I call my grandma back and let her know that she needs to call them and that she would have to come afterall because there really was no way to get around it. The only thing is when she called them, she HAD to tell them that she found her ID and will bring it with her when she meets the tow truck driver.

Funny part #1- AAA knew a little bit as to what was going on because when I talked to them, as my grandma, we got mostly through all of the questions. When my grandma called them, they were verifying the information and for some reason when they talked to both of us, they thought we were actually there, which makes for an awkward conversation...

My call-

AAA dude- Ma'am are you close to any buildings or landmarks for the driver to see?

Me-Uhm...(Trying very hard to think of something in that area since I am at home and the closest thing to a landmark I can see is the TV in my living room) Yeah...they will pass a Smith's on the way. Then they will just keep going straight.

AAA dude- A Smith's, okay perfect. Thank you.

My grandma's call- (Also being made from her house, without me there and without knowledge of the area, OR what I have told the dude already)

My grandma- Hi, I need to have my truck towed.

AAA dude- What kind of truck? Where are you located? 2451 other questions (that my grandma had no idea what the answers were.)

My grandma- Look Sir, this is a stressful situation, can we just answer all of these questions when the tow truck driver gets there?

AAA dude- Sure Ma'am, and you said you were by a Smith's correct?

My grandma- uhmmm...suure...

AAA dude- Ma'am, would you like to drive home with the tow truck driver since you are broke down?

My grandma- Uhmm...Do I have to?

Finally, me and Travis, my grandma, our friends who broke down, and the tow truck lady arrive. The lady loads the truck onto the tow truck, my grandma goes home, and the rest of us go to Devin and Kelly (our friends) house to push the truck where it needs to be.

It is getting late so Trav and I say our goodbyes and head out. I stick my key in the driver's side door to unlock it and MY KEY BREAKS IN HALF. Yes, completely in half. One half is STUCK inside the keyhole and the other half is in my hand. Peachy.

Guess who has my spare key? grandma, who is now probably just getting home and taking off her shoes to replace them with slippers.

I call my grandma again and let her know what happened and ask her if she would please, please bring me the spare key so I could just deal with our problem tomorrow and get home so we could go to sleep...because it was like 1030 and we all had to work at or before 7 this morning.

My grandma's reaction? (In her best chinese accent) Oh no, you have wrong numba. Dere is no gra-ma hea. I sorry.

My grandma's second reaction- I will be right there.

She shows up at our friends house and says that we should AGAIN call AAA because they might cover something like this, which would save lots of money! So, I invite her in.

So here is my grandma calling AAA for the SECOND time in a night...Actually, let's make that SECOND time in an hour, with a different car. The lady on the phone this time says Ma'am, didnt we just tow you? My grandma says yes Ma'am, you would not believe the kind of night I am having. So many car problems. I just came over to my friends to visit, and now this happens. The lady was very apologetic. She felt very bad for my grandma...who, in turn, has had a perfect night with her vehicles.

After about an hour an a half of being on the phone with AAA, she finds out that they will only cover $100 and that it would still cost us $175 if they key was too deep *Duh...of course it is too deep, if it wasnt freekin deep, why would we be on the phone to AAA* We decided not to do it at the time because it was so late already.

Oh, did I mention that the spare my grandma brought didnt work? Well no, it didnt do anything. We thought the car had some fancy safety feature where it locked up and wouldnt let any key work because it thought someone was trying to break in.

The only other option we had was to :( leave my grandma without a car today and ride out to her house with her to pick up their second vehicle so Trav and I could take it to work today. While we were at her house, she was looking for the key to her car so we could take it and I see my spare key (another one, I thought. We will talk about it another time but my grandma, thank goodness, is a bit of a worrier and tends to have at least 3 spare keys per vehicle) So I say, Grandma...I have used this spare key before and I know it works for sure, how come you didnt bring this one? She instead brought one that was on its own keychain and said "Jessica's car." She said she didnt know and that we might as well take it and give it a try on the way home to see if it works.

So, we stop back at our friends to test the key.

It works. Peachy.

We drive both cars home and finally go to sleep.

What a night!

*I will post pictures of the broken key tomorrow. It is insane.*

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