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Monday, May 18, 2009


I'm not sure if "Pickyness" is a word, and if so I'm not sure if I spelled it right but it fits so perfectly that I must use it.

I, once again, have looked through every layout on as well as delightful dots and I just cant find the one I'm looking for. I loved my blue and orange one but it didn't seem very spring or summery so I have been in search for one that does seem spring and summery. This is the one I am going to go with for now but I dont know how much I like it. It could change very soon! (Definitely around July because they have some SUPER cute ones for the 4th!!)

In other news, lately I've felt like there is something missing in my life. I feel this every single day when I wake up, non-refreshed. Today I figured it out. I really, really, REALLY need football season to hurry up and come. I can't use my Saturdays to be excited that my boys play the next day. I can't watch ANY football on Sunday and I'm having serious withdrawals. I can't look up highlights from the games on Monday and I cant be excited to go home Monday night so I can watch Monday night football at home, on my own TV. Most importantly, I can't talk crap show excitement that the Vikings won. I can't spend a day during the week to pick which teams I think will win and which teams will lose and on top of that, I can't brag about the fact that all most of the teams I picked to win/lose actually won/lost like I said they would. I have figured out that this missing portion is consuming at least half of my week. I vote for a longer football season, shorter break. Any seconds? C'mon...they make millions. They can tough it out.

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