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Monday, May 11, 2009

Fresh out.

"Out of gas, out of road, out of car I don't know how I'm gunna go"

Travis and I used to always joke that these Modest Mouse lyrics fit Kassi perfectly. For awhile there, she was calling, almost weekly because she ran out of gas.

As much as I DON'T want the lyrics to apply to me, they did this weekend.

Trey and I were on our way to the gas station, after leaving the park and because I have a really bad habit of letting my gas light come on before I get gas, we ran out of gas in the middle of pulling out of a parking lot. We were halfway in the parking lot, halfway in the street and my car would NOT go any further :(.

I called my Grandma first thing to see if she would be able to bring a gas can out...and a *funnel and she told me she would be able to do that and would be on her way.

In the meantime, I decided that I should put my car into neutral and try to at least push it back into the parking lot so it was out of the way, and so that people would stop pulling up right behind me and honking because I was taking forever to turn. Hello people. I have flashing blinkers. What does that mean to you?? I tried my hardest and failed in my attempt to move my car by myself. So, I got back in my car and just waited.

A guy pulls up. I judge him right away. He looks dirty, has kind of a lot of facial hair, I'm kind of worried, hoping he doesn't ask if I need help. I roll down my window and he asks "Is everything okay?" I answer "Yeah, I'm just out of gas, everything is fine :)" He says okay and pulls off.

About 5 minutes later a lady pulls up behind me and walks over asking the same question. I provide the same answer and she asks if I would like some help in moving my car into the parking lot while I am waiting for someone to come. I tell her that would be fantastic.

I get out of the car and we both go to the front of the car to start moving it and that guy pulls up again...

I look at him kind of confused but thinking...maybe he just feels bad that he didn't offer to help move the car, so he was coming back to help.

I was wrong.

This guy (let's see if I can do this without tears this time) went to the gas station, filled up his gas can, brought it back to me, and put the gas in my car.


I handed him $5 , thanked him over and over and over and told him that he didn't have to do that and the only thing he said was "Well, I did have to. I have to be a good Samaritan."

How horrible of me to judge such a great guy.

He really took the time out of whatever he was doing, went to the gas station, and brought me back gas. What a lesson I learned. I love finding these types of people out there. What a nice guy. I will definitely pay it forward! :)

Friday was such an eventful day!! I pulled up to the gas station to get gas, put in my debit card and it said that it was unable to authorize, see cashier. I walk inside and tell the lady that I need to put $35 in pump 2. Simple, right? It took around 5 minutes of her trying to get it to work before she finally asked me if I would mind moving to the pump behind it because for some reason, that one was having problems. I said that would be fine and she said okay, go ahead and enter your pin. I look up at the price and it says -Amount $435, correct?- Yeah, she accidentally over charged my by $400!! It's a good thing I caught it. I was as nice as I could be considering I had just been crying the entire way to the gas station and felt bad about anything and everything, lol but that was crazy!

*I've got a fairly funny story related to running out of gas and a funnel that I will share one day. Remind me ;)


Alysha & Michael Mathews said...

That is the sweetest thing I have ever heard! How nice of him! We forget that there are people out there like that! And yes please, share your funnel story.. if anything in memory of Erik :D

Trav and Jessica said...

I forget way too easily. I love little reminders like that though. :)

haha. I will post it this week sometime, in Erik's memory.

Do they have a blog?? How is he doing?

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