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Monday, May 11, 2009

Final Poker Tournament

This will be my 4th post today of things which all happend this weekend!! Definitely proof of this post.

I enjoy playing poker and it is something I do every once in awhile. I play for an organization called "Wasatch front Poker Tour" and every quarter (3 months) they have an "invite only" final tournament where you can only play if you have done well over the 3 month period and built up enough points to be able to play.

I participated in the final tournament this last Saturday.

There were 90 total people who were playing, the top 8 would be payed. 1st place would get $900. I would have obviously loved to come in any place in the top 8! Eigth place paid out $60. (It is a $5 buy in tournament) HOWEVER, I placed 10th. That is something we call the "bubble" basically I came SO, SO, SO close, but not close enough to make the money. It is a good thing, that I made it to the final table out of that many people, but to go that far, and all for nothing, was kind of lame.

Oh well though, there is always next quarter.

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