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Thursday, May 14, 2009

The. Funnel. Story.

Feel free to read anytime a laugh is needed.

How do I tell this story without giving a background on Oakley and the

Ok, so quick background. I am from a really, really small town in Idaho called Oakley. Here are a few facts to use as proof. There were 24 kids in my graduating class. Our graduation was held in a gym and there was a special slideshow about each of us on the projector. There is one gas station. There is one grocery store. The entire town knows, and is most likely friends with the owners of both. Sometimes on a Sunday when the only gas station was closed, we may or may not have called the owner to come and let us get some gas.

The only bad part about getting gas in Oakley was well, since it was the only gas station, the gas was at LEAST $0.10. higher than in "town" - - which was Burley, Idaho.

During high school I worked in "town" at Wendy's and drove the 20 mile one way highway everyday after school to go to work. I would hardly EVER get gas in Oakley because it was quite a bit more expensive. I would always just wait until I got to Burley.

A few days ago, I ran out of gas because I am horrible and try and push it until I basically run out. I'm apparently not a fan of pulling up to the pump and getting gas.

One day after school, I got into my car, about to head to work in Burley and noticed I was fairly low on gas. I thought about stopping at Searle's (Gas station in Oakley) and decided that I would make it to Burley so I would just wait.

I start on my 20 mile drive to Burley and make it about 14 miles until my car slowly. starts. stopping.

I pull over and wait for someone to pass me. Chances are really, really good that when someone does pass me...I will know them. I will then just ask if they would be able to take me the rest of the way into town so I can get some gas, and get to work.

After 5 minutes or so, sure enough...someone passes me. It just happened to be my best friends cousin. Someone I knew very well. He laughs because I am on the side of the road, and out of gas and pulls over to pick me up. We get into town and stop at the first gas station. He says "I'll just wait in the truck while you get some gas" "Okay, no problem" I go into the store and ask if they happen to have a gas can that I can borrow for a few minutes. They say no and that if I need a gas can, I would have to buy one...the ONE that they had for sale was less than a gallon, and about $5 dollars. Luckily for me, a guy in the store overhears and tells me he will let me use an empty gallon he had out in his truck. "Awesome! Thanks so much" We go out to his car, he gives me the empty milk gallon, and I'm good to go. I pre-pay, pump the gas, and head to the truck.

Here is where my blonde hair may have started to show.

I open the door of the truck. Hop on in...thinking to myself hm...this seems messier than before..oh well... I close the door and without looking up say "So, do you think we will need a funnel??"

I look up surprisingly to a deep manly voice (most definitely not Erik's) saying "I'm sorry?"

Lesson learned: Apparently when you are walking into a truck in which you think may be the one you came in, it is important to keep your head up, instead of looking at the ground while getting in. This is important so you can ensure you are getting into the correct vehicle because um, it's fairly awkward getting into someone else's vehicle and acting like you own the place (especially when it is the person who has JUST let you borrow their empty milk gallon and now they think you are asking them to take you to your car, AND get a funnel.)

Note to self: Please don't do that again.

When I looked up to see ...not the person I came with... I immediately re-opened the door and just got out, without saying a word. I look up to see where the right truck is (what a concept) and find Erik laughing harder than I have ever seen anyone laugh. I take my gallon of gas and make my way to the correct *truck. On my way, the guy whos truck I just got out of, rolls down his window and says "Ma'am. I am not sure if you will need a funnel or not. It depends on what type of car you have, but that would have to be a question for the person who is taking you to your car."

Thanks dude.

*for the record, and in my defense...both trucks were white. both were big. they were parked RIGHT next to eachother. anyone could have made this mistake. :)

Happy Thursday, everyone! Enjoy.


Michael & Alysha Mathews said...

Always brightens my day :D I want to send it to Erik. I miss him soo much! I'm going to try to email him your blog so he can read it. Hopefully he gets it!

Trav and Jessica said...

Sweet! You should tell them to start one as well!!

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