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Friday, May 1, 2009

How do I know that I am good?

...Because last night when I went grocery shopping after work, I realized I forgot my debit card at home.

No, That is not the reason I am good.

I checked my wallet and I had $90 cash. I knew that I could NOT go over $90. How embarrasing would that be?? So, anyway...I get up to the cash register to check out and she tells me my total.


THAT, my friends...Is how I know I am good!

PS- There was no use of a calculator.


kel said...

o Jess! Can I just say how COMPLETELY happy I am that you saw me today and stopped me and we got to talk! It has been forever and it totally made my day! yAy! wow! I say next time let's not waito so long. Agreed? Good! Well you look fabulous doll and we'll chat soon! ~kel

Trav and Jessica said...

Definitely agree!! It has been 4 years, can you believe it?? WOW!! I can't most days! Yeah, you live really close and um I live in Salt Lake so anytime you are here let me know and we'll go to lunch or something!

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