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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

"Whatever it is"

I'm (mostly) from Idaho.
My entire family listens to Country.
My sister and cousins know (and openly, loudly) sing every possible Country song known to man. I think it's to spite me.
I've always secretly found something really cute about cowboys.
I'll admit, I've cried at a fair share of Country Songs.
While I'm admitting stuff, I'll get this out of the way too--When I was younger (a lot younger) I would sit at the boom box with my grandpa. We'd listen to the Country station and press "Record" as soon as a song that we both really liked would come on. This happened on a daily basis for quite some time. We were tape making pros. My favorite song was Ex's and Oh's.

If you know me pretty well, you know that somehow all of these things have taken a quick turn in the opposite direction. I'm not a fan of Country music. Or at least mainstream country music.

I am however, a really big fan of music. Country is pretty much the only genre I'm not a super huge fan of.

A portion of my dislike for Country music was quickly changed when Travis came home from work one day...excited to tell me about a song that we just "HAD" to get. He proceeds to download this song, and play it for me.

"Whatever it is--Zach Brown Band" is playing on our home stereo and I look at him, give a little chuckle and say ... "Country?! Are you serious??" (He's about as not for country music as I am, so it was surprising!).

"Yeah, just this song. It's a good one." he says back in a shy voice.

"Uh huh! Suuure"

(Background: Trav's boss at work is a HUGE Country Music fan, the other guy in the shop likes rap/hip-hop, and the rest like rock so their day consists of 1/3 listening to Country, 1/3 listening to rap/hip-hop, and the last part rock. Due to this, Trav is becoming quite familiar with Country, and I always give him crap for it. Deep down though..I think it's adorable.)

Listening to the lyrics was enough (and is every time) to tear me up! Something about Trav coming home to show me a Country song that he liked was pretty cute. :)

Of course I couldn't tell him that.

So, hopefully out of all the songs on my new playlist, "Whatever it is" doesn't play when he reads the blog. Oh yeah, and I hope he doesn't read this post..that would make this girl a little red-cheeked.

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