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Monday, October 4, 2010

The reason I do the cooking at home. Part 2.

First of all, check these numbers out because they make me happy...

292 Posts since I started this blog almost *three* (crazy!) years ago.

That's like almost 300...and almost 6000. Wow. Awesome! I'm glad I'm still keeping up with my blog, and I'm glad you are all still reading!

Now, onto the story that will most likely make you smile on this long Monday afternoon.

My sister is currently staying with us. She is what you would call a complete rookie when it comes to cooking. She is 21 now (well, in 15 days) but that is just not acceptable! I'm watching out for her future husband/kids, so I've been having her help me out in the kitchen.

I refuse to hear about her children and husband eating Ramen Noodles more than twice a day.

The other night just as I was walking out to the grill to start the meat, I toss her a pack of this *simple* pasta, and tell her to follow the directions.

I come in a few minutes later and she is still standing there reading the package. She's got one of her eyebrows raised, and she's in deep thought.

"How come you haven't started it yet?"

"Well, the package doesn't say what to put the oven on."

"Kass. First of all, you cook it on the stove. See where it shows a picture of that pan right there? Yeah, that doesn't go in the oven. Second of all, you just have to boil the water and butter together. You can really put the stove on whatever you want. I usually put it on high and watch it carefully."

"Oh...I hope one day I can remember all of this."

I hope so too, sissy. I hope so, too!

No worries though, it will come, and we will keep practicing, promise!

1 comment:

Bren said...

This cracked me up! I have an older sister and I swear we have moments like this all the time. I still can't cook, my poor husband!

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