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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Third Annual Pumpkin Carving Party!

Three years ago, we decided to dedicate one day near Halloween and get together as a family to carve pumpkins.
Turns out, it was a really, really good idea. Everyone looks forward to this day, and it's so fun to get together as a family and carve pumpkins!
This year, we decided to change it up a little bit.


For a few weeks now, we've been keeping an eye on the pumpkins at local grocery stores to find the lowest price. (Big family!)
I got to thinking about it, and realized that I've never ever been to a pumpkin patch, and I've always wanted to experience that. I brought up the idea, and we took it and ran with it.
Ran all the way to this cute little field of pumpkins, next to someone's cute little house.


We piled out of the three cars, and scattered throughout the field to pick our very own pumpkin (or two).
Everyone was on a mission to find the best pumpkin!


We learned a few things along the way:
Pumpkin patches are awesome, and we'll most likely add this to the tradition.
Pumpkins are not actually still on the vines, so there is no picking.
Pumpkins are pretty pokey, and it starts to hurt after you grab stems over and over.
Pumpkins come in ALL different shapes and sizes and colors, and they are definitely not all as round and good as the ones at the stores. (Which makes it sort of fun.)


After piling the pumpkins in the wheelbarrow, Katie man-armed the thing up to the front! Total success! (And, there was even still tons of pumpkins left after our 25..or something like that. I thought we'd quite possibly clean them out!)


Oh yeah, another thing we learned is that next year we should dress for the occasion.
This lil' gal done showed us up! (One day I will have a pony purse just like hers. Promise.)


We piled all of the pumpkins into AK's truck, and we were on our way! It was good times Maybe's Pumpkins Patch! We'll see you next year.


After piling the pumpkins, we saw the perfect picture opportunity, and took advantage!! (Wish you could have been there Grandpa! ...And Grandma--I know you were there. Right next to Harley, behind the girls. I wish you were physically there, though. You would have had such a wonderful time. (I miss you!)


Auntie Tammy took on the official job of pumpkin washing and pumpkin seed cooking! (Sweet!!)


Then it was time to carve!! The living room turned into a pumpkin carving, mess making, tools passing, Halloween music playing, food sharing, story telling, picture taking wonderland.
One of the topics that came up this year was how we love to have friends over to share this tradition with us! The first year Megan brought a friend, next year it was Katie's friend, this year Kassi brought someone, and Mariah's friend came! Love it! Maybe next year we'll be able to leave the pumpkin patch with 50 pumpkins!!


Now, for the pumpkins!!
Camille picked the coolest looking pumpkin! I've never seen anything like it!


My pumpkin (left) (that I wasn't able to finish! Apparently I'm a slower than average pumpkin carver) and Megan's freestyle pumpkin (right) for Grandma.


Kassi's pumpkin (left) (She carved two. This is the one to remember. Trust.) Alexis's second pumpkin (middle), and my first pumpkin (right)


Alexis's second pumpkin (left) (took second place in our pumpkin carving contest), and Carly's (Baby Blake's) mini pumpkin (right)


Harley's pumpkin (left) (I love his pumpkin because it had a face on every side! Good job Harley!! It turned out cute) Katie's pumpkin (freestyle--middle), and Kassi's second pumpkin (right) (told you.)


Carly's first pumpkin (left) (took third place in the pumpkin carving contest!), Carly's second pumpkin (right)


Aubrey's pumpkin (left), David (middle--freestyle--wicked tongue), and Megan's second pumpkin (right--freestyle)

Pumpkins 2

Mariah's pumpkin (left), and Harley's second pumpkin (right)


We had a carving contest this year, and these are your three winners!! (1st place Jessica, 2nd place Alexis, 3rd place Carly) --Although all of the pumpkins turned out adorable!!


Good times at the pumpkin carving party this year. AK made some Taco Soup, and the house is definitely the most festive house on the block now.


The countdown is on to next years fourth (holy cow) annual pumpkin carving contest!!

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Anonymous said...

jess I'm so glad you do this. It's fun to read about our adventures from here. We've got one special family : )


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