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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Silly Kassi. We'll give you a Pumpkin 101.

Posting about our Pumpkin Carving Party reminded me of a conversation between Kassi and my Aunt Kristine.

AK: Hey, keep your eye out at the stores for pumpkins. The cheapest I can find is 0.11.
Kassi: Okay.

Jessica: Pumpkins are only 2.50 each here.
Kassi: Well AK found them for 11 cents. We have to beat that. 2.50 is way too much.
Jessica: Right, Kass..11 cents means 11 cents per *pound* not 11 cents per pumpkin!
Kassi: Ohh!! I was wondering why she wanted to find them for cheaper than 11 cents, I thought that was a really good deal!!

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