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Thursday, July 1, 2010

The story of a shared radish.

Once upon a time(5.19.2010), a girl decided she was going to plant a garden. She figured there's a first time for everything and that it could actually be sort of fun.

After doing lots of research, she found that it wasn't as simple as throwing some seeds into the ground, and eating delicious veggies a short time thereafter.

She also found that because of how late in the year it was, there was not enough time to plant seeds and still have big, healthy vegetables. So, she went to the store and purchased some baby vegetable plants.

When asking for the radish plants, this girl found out that it wasn't too late to plant radish's from seeds, because they "grow like weeds".

Very excited, this little girl purchased a package of radish seeds along with her established baby vegetable plants and raced home.

With the help of an expert (her grandpa), it was time to get started.

The plants went in without a problem, and the seeds were sprinkled very carefully.

Next was the waiting game.

This little girl went out into her garden every single day, making note of the progress, and giving her thirsty plants the water they needed to grow big and strong. She was so very anxious and kept asking experts "Exactly how long does it take for things to start growing?"

Time passed, yet only weeds were growing. Lots and lots of them.

The little girl worked diligently in the garden to get every single weed, almost the second they popped up (her boyfriend might tell you otherwise, but she did.)

One day, as she pulled a weed, she noticed it was a different type of weed. As it turns out, she'd accidentally pulled her very first start of a radish.

Devistated by what she'd just done, she called it a night.

About a week or so later, the little girl was out in the garden and she noticed 5 or 6 of these "different" types of weeds (radish plants). She was ecstatic! Even if everyone said they "grow like weeds" she was still very excited to see something grow from just a tiny little seed that she'd planted.

Just yesterday, the seed was done doing it's thing and the little girl and her boyfriend were able to share the most wonderful radish they'd ever tasted.

A home-grown (self-planted) radish.

O happy day!

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