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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cedar Fort trip

Thursday night some of my family drove out to a really small town called Cedar Fort.

We were told it was their town celebration, and that there would be a potluck before the infamous Nay Family Band's performance. Let me tell you...after working all day, and then driving for an hour, I was totally looking forward to the potluck!!

On the way there, I was imagining what the town would be like. My Aunt said it was close to Saratoga Springs, so right away I thought it would be young couples, lots of people, yummy food, picnic tables, and pavilions.

Once we got to Cedar Fort, we met up with my Aunt and followed her through a town with one stop sign, more dirt roads than paved, friendly people who drive four-wheelers with their knee, hold a cup of something with one hand and wave as you pass by with the other hand. I felt almost at home. My Oakley (Small town in Idaho where I grew up) home that is.

After a short drive on a windy dirt road, we'd arrived. We thought, but secretly kind of hoped not. No one was there, and there was definitely no potluck. There were three cars total. Ours, and a truck/trailer with some mics on the trailer.

It was 10 minutes before the action was supposed to begin.

A little worried, my Aunt got out and talked to the man in charge (friend of theirs)and he assured her that once the sun went down, the town would quickly pour in, and it would be a happenin' place.

So we waited...

And waited...

And little by little...

People started to show up

Arriving in style.

Everyone seemed dressed for the occasion, and I felt out of place (having just come from work). Later, we found out that after the fam performed, there was a "Town Pageant" and that's why everyone was all dressed up. At one point, I'd mentioned to my Aunt that I felt out of place, and conveniently enough, my Grandma had a bonnet in the back of the car. My Aunt was so nice to go and get it for me.

I'll save you from that picture. (You're welcome.)

The whole time, I could not get over how much like my little town, this town was. Party at the rodeo grounds, not one soul around, and then suddenly the town is there, yummy potluck food, waving, talking, friendly people. It was great

Auntie Tammy and the fam got all setup and started to play

They played for a little over an hour, and it sounded great!

Free petting session/rides (awesome picture opp!) :)

So, almost every show they play at, there are little girls who think Megan (my youngest cousin) is Hannah Montana. She's had people ask for autographs, and request songs, etc, etc...

Tonight was no exception. One lady brought over her little daughter and said "She wanted to come over and see Hanna Tannah!"

Megan was sweet enough to add Hannah's song "I Miss You" to their set, which made for one (probably 2 or 4 or 10) happy little girl(s)!

They ended with Grandma's favorite song (Across the Great Divide) and Grandpa's favorite song (The Crawdad Song).

It was a cool little experience, and brought back so many memories. In fact...that night I had a dream that Trav and I quit our day jobs to "go back to high school." It was basically a dream full of Oakley memories.

Good times!

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Chris and Heather said...

Sounds like fun! You pass Eagle Mountain going out to Cedar Fort! It's quite a drive huh!

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