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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Stay tuned...

I'm uploading Christmas pictures right now so they will be coming soon! Probably not tonight though because my head, ears, eyes, nose, throat, and body hurt :( Hopefully I'm feeling better by New Years! Wish me luck, and if someone would like to come and edit them all for me and put them on my blog, all nice and pretty, I will let you. :) If not, you can just fix my header for me, because it's off center and it's driving me crazy and I don't wanna make another one. For now I'm going to get some rest....and play Donkey Kong on the Wii. I think I'm well enough to do that. Actually, I know I am!

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..::kassi.wooten::. said...

this post doesnt count. thats just the same as my...i dont have anything to blog about post. and FYI i call auntie kristine auntir kristine. she likes that better. and thats why im secretly her fav

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