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Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas overview!

Wow, it’s been a minute!

Well, the holiday season is unfortunately *almost* over!

I was finally able to get all of my Christmas shopping done and I was so prepared, I even had about 20 minutes to spare before we opened presents!

Actually, that’s sort of a lie. There were two presents that were sort of “rain checked” till the day after Christmas. (I should maybe write a letter to Canon because they are stupid and their error messages are stupid and I’m no longer a huge fan of my printer because it is stupid. BUT, that’s another story for another day!)

Anyway, the thought was there though, and the presents turned out adorable once they were all finished! If you’re trying to think of a unique, personable Christmas present for a family member(s), this turned out really cute! I asked each member of my family (about 20 people) what their absolute favorite thing was about the person I was doing the gift for (In my case, I did it for my Grandma, Grandpa, Grandpa on my Mom’s side, and my Aunt who was here visiting from Alabama) It could be anything really, ranging from favorite funny story, to favorite memory, to favorite personality trait. I actually found that the mixture, mad it even better! Once I got everyone’s favorite things, I typed them up, with cute fonts of course, bought some nice 8x10 frames and printed and framed each one. When my printer decided it was done working for the day, I had to improvise because it was um…Christmas. So, the creative part of me came up with an IOU that, once framed, read:

"Due to printer technical difficulties, the "real" page will be ready tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a pretty picture to enjoy


It was a quick fix, and worked until I was able to go to Kinkos the next day!

Other than that, I basically took a break from posting because I was enjoying lots and lots of quality family time! My Aunt was here visiting from Alabama so that was nice! She was here for 10 days (but it felt like 2!:()

Here are a couple highlights from my long holiday weekend:

While Christmas shopping with my Aunt, we are talking about what she got my sister and everyone else for Christmas and she mentions how she really wishes she would have bought something for my sister that she could use at her new place. I look over and see DVD’s on sale for like 5 bucks and say OH! You could get her a DVD, she only has like 2 of them, and she watches one each night before bed. Right away she says "Does she have Hook?" "No, I know for sure she doesn’t have Hook." I say (wondering why she, so quickly would want to buy Hook for my 20 year old sister.) "Okay, I’ll get her that then!" and she throws it in the cart. Come to find out, a couple of hours later, she had changed the subject and was actually asking if my LITTLE sister, Mariah, had the movie. She thought Hook would be a perfect movie for a 9 year old and I agree. For a 20 year old though, not so much…although I couldn’t say anything at the time because it sounded like she was SO excited to get Hook for my sister!

The low-uh incident of course. (That one deserved its own post!)

Kassi opened up a wireless car charger for her phone and asked "How does it work if it is wireless??" It took about 5 minutes of family members explaining that it was a charger that would charge her “wireless” device, before it finally clicked!

Playing games! We played lots and lots of games! Board games, word games, and Wii! Grandma tried the Wii for the first time and loved it! We loved watching her try for the first time!

We finally got a classic controller for our Wii so we’ve also been enjoying old school NES games on the Wii! How rad is that? Very.

I made up my own joke, on accident.
Prior to Christmas day my Mom and I were talking about the Turkey she’d bought for Christmas. She’d mentioned that it wasn’t very big this year. On Christmas day as she was taking it out of the oven I started to say "That’s not too small of a (Then, thinking turkey and bird...out comes...) turd!" SO, what do you get when you mix a turkey and a bird? A turd.

Hope everyone had a super Christmas and Happy up and coming New Year!!


Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Sounds like you had a fab Christmas!! :) FYI, I LOVE Hook... I have it in my DVD collection, lol. When I was little, it was my favorite! :)

..::kassi.wooten::. said...

you spelled made without the e. you should proofread before you click post. and FYI, I do love hook and im totally excited about watching it. Auntir kristine did end up giving it to me :) you should come over and watch it.

..::kassi.wooten::. said...

will you please put snow on my blog. thanks. and i like your new background. i like mine a littttle bit better...but your is good. very cute.

..::kassi.wooten::. said...

oh yeah...thanks to me for the classic controller ;) and also, no pictures???

Trav and Jessica said...

OH yeah! I need to put pictures! I haven't uploaded or edited any yet, I wanted to get my background changed first.

Also...Auntir Kristine is not a word. That's all I'm going to say about that. I think my point is pretty clear :)

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