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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A good reason to learn the phonetic alphabet.

On a call today at work—

Sprint representative to me: Ma’am can you please spell that out for me?

Me: “Oh, sure!! It’s A as in apple. C as in Charlie. P as in Pee” (this is the silence where I realize it’s awkward and start to wonder who around me heard that.) …“ter.” (I say quickly to try and make it sound like Peter. But really it doesn't. It sounds just like I said it. Pee.....tur.

Oh well, I give myself an A for effort in trying to save myself from that one.


..::kassi.wooten::. said...


kel said...

alpha bravo charlie delta echo fox golf hotel india juliet kilo lima mike november oscar papa quebec romeo sierra tango uniform victor whiskey xray yankee zulu

so . . .golf oscar oscar lima lima uniform charlie kilo . . . with that! ~kel

Himmat Singh said...

Thats awkward. Anyways, mind linking up?

Mike & Alysha Mathews said...

CUTE lol! I'm working at Convergys now on the USPS project and we have to use the phonetic alphabet a lot. I've made a list tho of my own phonetic alphabet.. it goes a little like this: C as in Corona, V as in Vodka, W as in Whisky, T as in Tequila, R as in Rum, M as in Margarita, G and in Gin.. and so on and so forth.. I'm planning on putting this into effect as soon as possible. :)

Katie said...

hahaha oh jessica

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