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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Dear Lysha Mae,

I was really, really busy today watching my boys dominate (11-2 now, WOOT!) and then entertaining my Dad, 2 brothers, one sister, one Travis, one Travis's friend, one step mom, one Treydogg, and one brother's girlfriend and at the same time putting extensions into Camille's hair, so I must say that although I wish I could have played around with the amazingly cute pics of Matix and other scrapbloggers amazingly creative ideas, I was only able to create one layout. So, here it is.

Of course you would insert Matix's cute little face in the empty spaces

I don't feel as bad about only coming up with one idea because after checking back with your blog, it turns out you already made one! YAY :) I'm sure it's adorable and I'm excited to see it!

P.S.- Did you listen to my Home Grown Christmas Playlist song? Totally reminds me of us and our kick ass Christmas mixes that I miss dearly.

Much love,


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Mike & Alysha Mathews said...

Dear Jessica.. Thank you for the cute layout! I really need to learn how to make cute things by myself but it looks like Kassi and I both look to you for advice! That song totally reminds me of listening to music on the way to tech class everymorning and afternoon lol. I heard J-kwon "Tipsy" and I thought of the first night I went clubbing with you in Florida LOL. That seems like ages ago.

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