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Thursday, April 2, 2009


Conversation with sister on 4/1.

Sister: So, I'm officially pregnant. I took a test today and it is for sure. Tony and I are going to get married!!!

Okay, I totally know this is the oldest April Fool's joke in the book so I had to think of a fantastic comeback to spice it up a little.

Jessica: Oh man...I'm so glad you finally told me. I had been thinking you were for a while now, I just didnt want to say anything in case you weren't, lol. YAY :)

Sister: (Approximately 2 seconds later) WHAT?? I was just kidding!!! :( I know I am starting to get a little chunkier but that was supposed to be an April Fools!!

Jessica: Uhm..I'm not trying to be rude, but really...have you checked? I think you really might be.

Sister: No :(.

Jessica: you good :) April Fools!


Chris said...

Hahahahahahaha :) Did you do anything to Jason like we did to Ricky last year?

Trav and Jessica said...

haha NO! I can';t beleive we didn't do anything at all!! It was the day everyone was doing their presentations though so I guess it would have been kind of difficult!

Courtney and Dan said...

Ha ha ha!! Sucker!! A couple of our friends from work fell for the whole 'calling the zoo and asking for Mr. Lyon,' joke... I love April Fool's... And of course, after a day of ME pulling the pranks, my best friend tells me she's pregnant and I totally fall for it... LOL.

Trav and Jessica said...

hahaha see, this April Fools was lame for the most part! We didnt do anything at work because we were all doing presentations all day long and didnt really have a chance! So, when she said that, I totally fell for it too, it caught me off guard for sure, so I showed it to my friend and he said "It's April Fools yo..." If it wasn't for his reminder...I would have had a pretty lame April Fools day!

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