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Monday, September 29, 2008

My 89748377th attempt at this :)


So, this blog is for a few reasons.

1) To keep in touch with friends.
2) Because I think it is cute to keep everything all updated and fancy on a blog.
3) Because I enjoy reading other blogs so I would hope that people will have fun reading mine.
4) It is a LOT easier to type out everything instead of writing it out.
5) For Heather. Now I can say I have officially started a blog, and can hopefully say that I am keeping up with it ;)

So let's see...what to talk about? Well, today was Travis's first day at his new job. he is working for a company called Preferred Fire Protection. He is working in the shop putting all of the pipes and stuff together so whoever is going and installing them can do it. It should be a really good opportunity for him. Eventually, they will show him how to weld and certify him for it. That will be pretty awesome. The only thing that KINDA sucks about it is he has to be there at 7 in the morning and we only have one that means that I also will be getting to work at 7 in the morning. Good times :)

Other than that we are just hangin out tonight watchin some Monday night football!! (Usual routine)

I will post some more stuff tomorrow. Hopefully some SUPER exciting things happen.

P.S. (My boys (the Vikings) played the titans this weekend and lost :( ) I am posting this in purple in hopes it will help us win next Monday...yes, I think crazy things sometimes. *Just wait, it will happen!*

Good night for now!

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Chris and Heather Taylor said...

Yeah! It's good that you created one... now I can keep up with what's happening with you and Jennifer when I move to California next year!

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