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Monday, April 20, 2009

The weekend!

Remember this post?

I'd like to proudly say that I've been keeping up with it. :)

I started my blog in September of 2008 and here it is April of 2009. Seven months and 50 posts (Yep, you guessed it...this is my FIFTIETH post!!) later, here we are!

I am going to figure this out to see just how good that is. So, 50 posts in 7 months...that means roughly 7 posts a month, which means around 1 post a week plus some! Not bad at all :)

Well, I don't have anything super fancy for the 50th post...just the norm talk about the weekend.

It was an exciting weekend though, if that makes a difference...

Started out working on Friday. After work, we (Kassi, Me, Grandma, Grandpa, Auntie Tammy, Uncle David, Chase, Alexis, Kendall, and Megan) all went to watch my cousin Katie perform her Duo at a dance competition at Kingsburry Hall at the U. It was tons of fun, she did fantastic, and took second place!! Afterwards, Kassi, Katie, Megan, Grandma, and I decided to go to Grandma's and play games...which is always a good time!

Saturday, woke up and Grandpa cooked a delicious breakfast! Grandma, Megan, and I played a few games after cleaning up and then I went home to get ready for another dance competition. This time, Katie was dancing in two group dances! Again, she did phenomenally! After the competition, we all went out to eat and then a few of us went to my house to get ready for the night. Kassi and I ended up hanging out with some friends who came down from Idaho (Danny)and some friends we havent seen forever, who are in Provo (Lysha)! It was great times :) We woke up Sunday morning to Danny saying "Here's the thing. I dont know where we are." hahaha...

Sunday morning we drove back to Salt Lake, from Provo (Danny and his friend had to catch a flight and were in a really, really big hurry because we kinda slept in) once we got back to Salt Lake, we took a little nap and then went over to Grandma's to make salads for a BBQ and of course, play games. It was a really busy, but fun weekend!!

Here are some of the pictures I took, although I should have taken lots more!!

At the comp, waiting for awards.

Cousin Megan.

And again.

Cousin Alexis and her boyfriend Chase.

Driving to the competition.

Kassi trying to avoid the picture, Chase doing the opposite, and Alexis checkin out what is going on.

Getting ready to start awards.


kel said...

Jess! You are looking super cute! I love reading your blog and I am glad to hear that you are on this more than faceook because I was starting to get a complex from you not responding to me! Keep the fun stuff coming I love your post!

Trav and Jessica said...

Hey, thanks lady!! I will do my best! :) ...Pictures of my place coming soon as well, promise!

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