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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The one where I meet a 30 year old who doesn't know which finger wears the wedding ring...

This weekend we went to St. George for my cousin Katie's dance competition, in which she did fantastic :) Taking second place in her duo, second place in her first team dance, and fourth in the other one!

Anyway, so Mesquite is only 35 miles from St. George. Knowing this, I had to pull the "I'm 22 and have never been to Mesquite" card. It ended up working wonders, so on Saturday after the competition was done, we went out to dinner and then Grandma and I made our way out to Mesquite! It ended up being really fun!!

Here's the gist of the night:
Grandma- Worked her magic at a slot machine, pressing the button just right to win a whopping $1000!!!

Jessica- After much skill and dedication to her poker game...lost her $100.

It ended up being tons of fun anyway so it's all good!

So, during said poker game, I'm sitting next to a man. He's around 30 years old. Let's call him George. Our conversation follows.

George: down here with your husband?

Me: Nope.

George: Oh so, are you married?

Me: haha, nope.

George: OHH, you are divorced?

Me: lol, no...never been married...

George: Shoots me a "I'm really confused" look while looking down at my RIGHT hand with my ring on it.

Me: It is on my right hand.

George: Oh!! (Still confused)

George: So, wait...when you get married, the ring goes on the....?

Me: Left hand :)

George: Oh, right!

Hopefully I just saved this guy a pretty awkward conversation with his future wife. You're welcome buddy :)


kmbab said...

haha! one could only hope!

Courtney and Dan said...

BAhahaha!! Too funny!! And how awesome that your g-ma rolled in a $1000!!! SWEET!!!

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