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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Trav's dropped jaw was priceless.

Travis got a new iPhone (finally!) on Sunday. He was so anxious to get it up and running but he needed to get a sim card for it before he was able to make/receive calls or text.

"I'll go first thing when I get off of work tomorrow, and get a sim card. Tonight I want to put music and stuff on it though. Can you delete the data and stuff from the previous owner?"

"Sure babe..I'll just restore to default."

That's where the adventure began.

We found out that when you "restore to default" it locks the phone up until a sim is put in. You cannot access music, or anything else on the phone. Oops.

So, we hop in the car (in the pouring rain) and drive over to Grandpa's house. I'd given them an extra sim that I had so we were going to give that a shot.

--Insert Trav's hopes going back up here.

We get the sim, I call ATT and they are closed.


In not giving up without a fight, I look online to see if maybe there is a 24 hour service number.

Finally find one, call them, and find out that you can only have a number assigned to a sim card once.

Back to square one.

The rep at ATT said "You can buy sim cards from Kiosks in Wal-Mart or Best Buy, though. It doesn't have to be the actual ATT store"


--Insert Trav's hopes going back up here.

I call Best Buy. Sunday. Closed.

I call Wal-Mart. ATT Kiosk closes at 8. It's 8:30.

We decide to make the trip to ATT anyway...maybe we'd get lucky.

Go out in the pouring rain for a second time.

Find the ATT kiosk, and ask for sim cards. Find out they are 25 bucks, and that they *do* have one!!

--Insert Trav's hopes going back up here.

Realize we both forgot our wallets.

Back out into the pouring rain, grab the wallet, and go back to Wal-Mart.

Buy the sim card, get home, and I call ATT.

I work with a nice lady from India for close to an hour. We needed to activate the sim card, change Trav's number, and make sure everything was set to go. Trav is pacing the living room at this point, anxious and asking every 3 minutes "Is it working? Is she going to be able to get it going tonight? Did you ask her about this?"

Then he sits down and I put it on speakerphone.

"Sir, you have 3 choices to pick from for your number. They are blah, blah, and blah."

"The first one sounds great"

"Okay, let me just go ahead and activate that for you. One sec. Okay, your number is going to be 801 254 (Silence)"

Trav and I immediately notice the very large letters at the top of my phone that say "Call Failed".

I guess at this point my dropped jaw was pretty priceless, too...but I could only see Trav's and it's been enough to keep me giggling all week!!

Thank goodness this nice lady called us back, and we *were* able to get him up and running that night. It only took 4 hours. No biggie.

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