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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I adore him.

I sometimes (always) hint to Trav that I love flowers. It's definitely a well known fact. They are so beautiful, and the thought (especially when it's a complete surprise) is all warm and fuzzy feeling.

Pictures from phone 008

The other day I walked in from work to these sitting on the table.

Pictures from phone 005

With a card that said "This better make you happy! :)"

Pictures from phone 004

Joke...but we're working on that. :)

Pictures from phone 001

It was a wonderful gesture, and I'm not sure how he knew I'd appreciate the flowers, but he did. :)

I walked into our bedroom and gave him a hug, and as soon as I saw him..he had the biggest smile. ever. He knew he done good. It was adorable.

We decided we deserved a date night, so he took me out to eat, and we went to All Star for some bowling and arcade games.

We thought we were basically robbing the place when we won 500 tickets off of 15 bucks. And then we realized if you wanted the *big* prize (Wii), it was 38000 tickets. Total rip off!!

We left with a flobbily 0.50 cent back scratcher, but we had an awesome time and as it turns out...that thing comes in handy!!

So looking forward to the next time!

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