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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Travis and the biggest Albino we've ever seen!

While I was enjoying some quality girl/family time in Wendover, Travis was enjoying some quality family time with his mom, sister, and brother in Price! He drove down for the weekend and on Saturday they went fishing. As much as I don't want to admit that Travis caught a bigger fish than me...I must post pictures. (Thanks for the pictures/hourly updates Janet!! They totally made my day!)

He pulled this baby out of a little *stocked* pond for kids!!! One where him and I have fished before and caught little baby fishies!! He said a lady nearby measured it and it was 2.0 pounds! I think she's crazy looks waaaay bigger than that! Trav and I agreed that her scale must have been broken ;)

(Insert jealousy here.)

(and here...)

(and once more here.)

I was so excited for him though, I could hardly contain myself! (He couldn't contain himself either, it was adorable.)

Here is where I insert my sweet, mushy, lovie dovie stuff...(the goods)
He called me to tell me how excited he was and I said "Man babe! I wish I was there, fishing too!" to which he replied "I know. The first thing I thought about when I pulled the fish in was how much I wished you were here!" (so I could rub it in your face)<-- I usually leave that part of the story out, because it's not relevant. The first sentence was the cutest thing ever.

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