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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Family Time!

The last couple of weeks have been busy, busy.

If you are going off what I have blogged about, you would quite possibly think the opposite. I have been slacking. Big time.

These last few weeks have been hard though.

I haven't really had the words to compile a post.

I lost my Grandma on August 3rd, and ...

See, no words.

I'm still working on that.


Before I get extremely behind though, I have tons of pictures!

(Double click on the pictures to see them a little bit bigger)

We've had a bunch of family come down recently, and considering the circumstances, we had a great time!

In the Wooten family, there's nothing more satisfying than a full house, 25 conversations going on at once, spending time together, reminiscing, and game playing. Oh, and watching the Nay Family Band play some music for us..we were able to enjoy that, too!

I was privileged enough to take on the annoying role of interrupting everyone and insisting they pose for pictures! I like the result's totally worth the nasty looks and moans! (Just kidding, it wasn't that bad. But sort of like that.)

Harley, Auntie Boop, and Auntie Pam playing Parcheesi.

My bestest was able to come down for the weekend and meet all the family! She also brought some amazing enchiladas, and her little princess!

Speaking of her little princess, we all witnessed her throwing a tantrum fit.

I can only hope this is how my kids throw their fits. Quiet, and peaceful.

The last time I saw this much family at one time was way too long to even remember!! It was so cool to see all of my cousins, and how they've grown up!! We all enjoyed spending time together.

We played games...

Posed...(Grandpa and his girls)

Posed some more...(Grandpa and his boys)

Some more...

Take 1...


And BBQed in style.

...What, you don't cut hair at your BBQ's?


And simply enjoyed each others company.

It was hard without Grandma.

She's always been the go-to person, the organizer, the glue, the shopper, the personality, the laughter, the complainer because we're not recycling, and well...the everything.

She was with us though, in a way that's going to be hard to get used to.

But still there.

Miss you all already, and hope the next trip is already in planning!

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