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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Internet. How I love thee.

I've been in Price this week, at the Holiday Inn.

Last night I realized a few things:
1- I'm blonde. (Trav's right about that, as much as I try to deny it.)
2- I think I'm addicted to the Internet.

7:30- Get home (to the hotel) from work, finish eating my dinner.
7:32- Crawl under the blankets because I'm a little chilly. (See: Ilovetobecold and ThisiswhatIdowhenIcan. The air might have been turned down to 58, but I won't admit I'm that crazy.)
7:33- Contemplate turning the air off. Decide against doing so.
7:35- Pick up my iphone and try to go into a new GPS app that I downloaded a few days ago to check it out.

--Realize that I don't have an internet connection and set my phone back down.

7:38- Get bored again. Pick up my phone and click on the apps store. (Keeps me entertained for hours.)

--Realize yet again that I don't have an internet connection and set my phone down.

7:41- Pick up my phone, and click on Safari. I had a brilliant idea to look up and save a bunch of wallpapers for the future.

--You know what happens next.

7:41- Watch a little TV.

On the first commercial- Pick my phone up again, and click on Facebook. Remember that I've picked up my phone to do something Internet related 4 times in the last 10ish minutes, and giggle a little.

At which point I decide to just *try* to get the internet connection to work so I can post something on Facebook.

Bad news: It took 15 minutes to post 10 words.
Good news: I felt accomplished, and kept myself busy for 15 minutes.

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