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Friday, August 13, 2010

5 years down, many more to go!

We met 12 years ago.
I thought he was a show-off at first.
He thought I only liked "Mexicans" (I remember the day I told him that. Seriously? I had to have been the coolest 13 year old ever..or so I thought.)
He moved to Idaho with his dad.
We hung out.
A lot.
I lied to friends to hang out with him.
I never told him I liked him.
After a couple of years, he moved away from Idaho.
We didn't talk for 3 years.
That sucked.
I went to a family reunion with his dad and he was there.
We picked up from there like we'd never stopped talking.
He moved to California for work.
He suprised me one day, and said he'd come back for me.
Five years ago today, he asked me to be with him.
We love each other more than anything.
We love to fish together.
He loves Call of Duty.
I love Mario.
I love that he compromises, and plays Mario with me all of the time.
He probably loves that I compromise and let his dinner get cold while he finishes up his Call of Duty.
We love camping.
I love how he fits right in with my family.
I love how they love him.
We love our little doggie. (All 60 lbs of him)
We love our little home.
And our garden.
We love football, and can't wait for this season to begin.
We love music.
He loves my enchiladas.
I love making him laugh.
One of my favorite things about him is how he calls me every day, during his lunch break. We have the same conversation almost every time, but I look forward to those calls every single day.
He called me this morning while I was getting ready for work, and I was in a hurry (like usual) so I had to cut it short.
I feel bad.
At least he knows me by now, so I'm sure he didn't take it to heart.
Plus I'll talk to him at lunch :)
But still.

I love my Trav so very much.

Happy five years babe.

1 comment:

Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Happy versary!! You guys have been together almost as long as Dan and I have! Crazy... then when you get married, the "year" count starts over... :/ Piss. LOL!! But I guess technically it doesn't...

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