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Thursday, May 13, 2010

One week- No posts- No bueno.

I haven't had a chance to post yet this week and probably won't get one, so I'll do a quick update. Nothing super exciting going on right now..I do have some pictures from fishing last week that I'd like to get up here soon!! Maybe I'll shoot for those next week! We discovereed a little fishing pond within a couple miles of our new place and have definitely got our money's worth for our fishing license's so far this year!

The beginning of this week, my Grandparents ordered supplies to redo their roof so Trav went and helped with that a little bit.

Last night we were both tired so Trav suggested going and renting a movie and just kinda hanging out, so that's what we did! Here's the downfall though,


picked out the movie.


decided he wanted to get The Fourth Kind. (Super scary!!)

and the best part...


fell asleep during the movie, and left me to watch it by myself!

Thanks Babe :)

* I must give him a little credit though, he did wake up every time I nudged him and told him he just *had* to watch the next part with me because I was going to wet my pants. What a sweet man. Also, if you have not seen that movie, SEE IT!! Definitely the scariest movie I've seen in a minute!

Tonight we're going to an orchestra concert where we're excited to see my little brother and cousin play in the orchestra!

Tomorrow I'm going to Idaho for the weekend!! So excited to go down there and hangout for a weekend! It feels like it's been forever! Plus Presley's turning one so it will be fun to get everything set up for her party, and take lots of pictures!!

Next weekend we're *hoping* to go camping. It all depends on the weather. So, here's to hoping that the end of May brings fantastic weather!! ( I know, that shouldn't even be a request, but apparently in Utah Spring is the new Winter.)


Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Sounds like you're havin fun! Don't feel bad about blogging. I've been wretched at it til just recently, LOL... Can I ask you an incredibly annoying question that I'm sure you don't want to answer? LoL. Are you not working at Sorenson anymore??

Trav and Jessica said...

haha you're fine! Nope, I'm actually still at Sorenson! The company decided to get rid of MSN and instead use a messaging program designed by the company. It contains only company employees and doesn't let you add outside friends/family. :(

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