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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Facebook--make my decisions, I don't feel like it today.

Ok. I've been able to contain myself until now. Seriously, what is so special about facebook?? Yes, I'll admit that I have a facebook, and I login *almost* daily, simply to catch up on friends/families status.

HOW FREEKING ANNOYING IS IT THOUGH, when you login to look at someone's "updates" and you are FLOODED with "So and so has a new crop and they are so nice because they are going to share it with you, click here to accept!!" or "So and so thinks you should take this quiz. Just how many Movies do you REALLY know??" or "So and so has spent all day in the kitchen making you these wonderful *fake* banana creme pie's. Won't you please click here and make their day of hard work in the kitchen worth it?"

COME ON now...

As I said before. I've been able to contain myself. I simply skip over the lame app stuff and search only for updates, but today when I received this e mail:

"So and so liked ****** photography on Facebook and suggested you like it too!"

I rolled my eyes. Opened blogger frustratedly and this is the result.


Dear Facebook,

I'll keep this short and sweet because I'm assuming you have some carmel apples to tend to.

Thanks for the suggestion and all...but um, if I was interested in finding "photography" profiles on your site, which I may be...I will take it upon myself to look for them.


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