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Monday, May 24, 2010

Another letter. This time to the weather creator.

Dear weather creator,

Are you freaking kidding me?? Let me remind you of today's date. May 24th, 2010. Got that? MAY 24th. Next week will be June. I'm only a little frustrated but I do understand you may just be confused. That's why I'm here...I wanted to write and remind you that *IT SHOULD NOT SNOW THE LAST FEW WEEKS IN MAY* or really, in May at all.

See these?

Yeah. Unacceptable. Please make it stop.

If you need other reminders, I could send you a picture of my flowers. They won't look like flowers. Just big snow balls. If that's not enough...I'm sure a picture of my very first garden, with all of my plants covered in snow might pull at the heart strings a little. Let me know.

Most importantly though, I have a camping trip coming up this weekend. I *better* not have to cancel.

For today only, I'll say goodbye to the sunglasses and hello to my winter coat. That's *only* for today though, and I'm not happy about it. Tomorrow will be bright and sunny. Do we have ourselves a deal?

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