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Monday, January 25, 2010

Not this time. :(

Lots of yelling/screaming...check.
No voice today...check.
Extremely happy Jessica...check.
Happy tears...check.
Lots of people rooting them on...check.
More Vikings attire than I've ever seen...check.
Football fans who don't even like them, but still rooting for them...check.
People who don't even like football, yet still interested in the game and rooting for them...check.
Felt bad for old man Favre...check.
Disappointed in the way things happened...check.
Saying hold on to the &*!*&@ least 897 times...check.
Sad tears...check.

What a year. I don't know what to say about yesterdays loss, really. I do think that Minnesota is a better team than the Saints. There were many times we should have scored, but instead gave the ball away. There were calls against Minnesota, and calls for the Saints that were not fair. But that's football I guess. I'm sad. I, along with many other Vikings fans, thought this was our year. I guess we'll see what next year brings. I can only hope that Favre wants at least one more year...but even at that, can he keep up with another game played as well as yesterday's? I don't think so. Maybe we'll draft a worthy qb? Maybe Favre has taught Jackson all he needs to know...Although I don't think it'd help. Who knows what next year will bring. I just really wish it happened this year. :(

At least they kept up. They played hard. It was a good game, minus the ending--some of the calls--Favre's decision to throw that ball, instead of run 5 yards--and the turnovers.

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