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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Attention! Attention! I've come up with a new way to change a car battery!

...and all you need is a hatchet and a wrench.

Or maybe I just confused hatchet with ratchet.

You decide..

I'll give you a hint (Grandpa got a kick out of it. He was laughing almost as hard as I've ever heard!)

Also, if you're wondering...the answer is yes. Yes, my car battery died. Yes I was in the middle of the freeway when my car just decided it wanted to shut off, and yes it was scary.

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Katie said...

I had a similar experience. But I ran out of gas on the way to the gas station at the intersection of 78th so. and state. suck. I was fifteen minutes late for school. And yesterday, I slid into a curb and haven't a car to drive for now.

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