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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Mr. Security Man.

Now that we're in a new building, we have a new security man. He's extra, super friendly. Every time I proceed to walk out the door, sometime around 5, he has been there. Outside. Waiting for me, just so he could open the door tell me to have a great night. What a great security man!

I've thought about this over and does he KNOW when I'm going to be walking through that first set of doors so he can get up from his desk, walk outside, and be ready to open the door for me?

I think he might be magic. Or, maybe there are cameras that he watches. Or, maybe he just figures most people are off at 5, and 5 is a good time to get up and start opening the door for people. (I figured that one out today, and I'll go with that one..)

However he knows though, he's fantastic.

Besides opening the door for everyone because he's really nice, I think he might think it's funny to watch people find their cars after they are done working for the day.

Unless I'm the only one who forgets.

I doubt it, but just in case, I'll try to keep it funny for him.

Like today. I looked all over for my car. Turns out, it was right in front of me. I tried to look like I knew right where I was going, only turning around once...and then my plan failed because I finally saw my car. Directly in front of the doors I just walked out of.

Apparently it helps to not assume you parked far and start with looking right in front of you.

It was all a show though, I've got to keep things funny for him. I really knew where I parked. Definitely knew.

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..::kassi.wooten::. said...

hahaha dude you and i both know that you most definitely did NOT know. how many hours do we spend total just looking for our cars in parking lots? .....

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