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Monday, January 4, 2010

2009--The Goods.

2009 had it's ups and downs! Here are a few of our 2009 "ups!"..

Trav got a really, really good job.

The Vikings are finally a decent team again and make it to the playoffs (Thanks Favre)

Lots of visits to Idaho to spend time with the bestest.

Took first place in a Texas Hold 'Em tournament (90 players) and won 500 bucks!

Bought our first washer and dryer. (Seems like such a little thing but man it's SO nice to do laundry at your own house!) So nice, in fact, for the first month of owning said washer and dryer, the laundry was so kept up that when something was dirty, all we had to do was put it directly into the washer because there wasn't enough to even do a single load! Oh, how I wish I was still that excited to do laundry!

Trav bought a car and now we have two :)

Auntie Kristine came down for a visit.

We got rid of our 832lb TV in the room and upgraded to a new, fancyish one.

Finally got rid of our ugly-green-old-hand-me-down-worn-out couch and bought newish pretty ones! (Thanks Heather!)

Strep throat didn't bless me with it's presence as many times as it usually does.

I. Blogged. *steadily* All. Year. (Again, something that seems small, but SO not like me)

Saw Modest Mouse in concert for the second fabulous time.

Went to Regina Spektor with Kassi. For those of you who are wondering, yes, you still get chills, even if you've seen her before. She is beautiful.

Actually, saw a ton of good shows. Went to free concerts at Gallivan, went to small local shows, and big *mainstream* shows.

Found that I love digital scrapping, and started something that I hope to never let fade away.

Killed a spider all by myself.

Found out how to put good use to my camera and took lots and lots of pictures.

Went on the yearly trip to Lagoon with bestest and fam!

Bought the coolest Peterson bobble head in the world.

Started looking into buying a house and looked at over 500 possibilities. (One step at a time)

Celebrated our 4 year anniversary.

Bought a Wii.

Continued our pumpkin carving tradition.

Saw my cousin and my little sister both move out on their own! SO proud of them :)
and had lots and lots of quality family time!

What a great year!

Here's to a bigger and better 2010!!


Chris and Heather said...

You're welcome! And congratulations on killing the spider!

Courtney and Dan Archer said...


Music is Life said...

yay I moved out all on my own :) did you also know that we are moving back down there :D

Katie said...

good job with that spider. I know that's tough for you ;)

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