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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I only *maybe* cried a little when I shipped my iPhone to some man (who in turn, thinks I'm a man..weird.) in Florida.

I'm totally a rookie when it comes to eBay, but I plan on changing that as my first sell was a complete success. (See: Bought my 3GS for 200 bucks and sold it for 426 bucks.)

I hope I don't let it all out when they handover my i4. That would be embarrassing. Today at work is going to be the will I ever get to 5 oclock with this phone constantly on my mind?! I cannot *wait* to go pick up my new love!!

Oh, and speaking of Trav came home from Minnesota last night!! It was so many parts of wonderful! He was gone for 4 days, and it was horrible. I missed him dearly. Plus, I had to kill one spider by myself. I also stuck my hand into a spider web without even knowing, freaked out...and then had to remember to breathe when I saw the guy sitting in the web. Holy Moly.

Oh, and guess what Trav brought for us???

Besides the super awesome hat, and his Vikings hoodie, and my Vikings hoodie (which is better than his)...




A Vikings SNUGGIE!!!! I cannot wait to rock it.

Also, I bet you can't wait for pictures, so I will rock those too!!

Happy Tuesday!

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