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Monday, September 27, 2010

Highlights from the weekend.

1--It was the weekend.
2--Friday night we stopped at Jimmy Johns for some yummy subs, and pickles! Then we went to Hillcrest to watch my cousin Katie perform in the drill team.

It was the third performance we've seen so far this year, and it's wonderful to see the team improve! She looked so good out there! As for the team, unfortunately the same cannot be said. It was fun to watch though, and the weather was crisp. There were grandparents sitting in front of us, and behind us. It's still weird for me to see older grandma's because I'll always wonder. Wonder how it would have been. Then I fight back the tears, remember the good times, and bring myself back into reality.



The set of Grandparents in front of us were really sweet. Their grandson was number 22 and they were so proud. I shared our seats (you know those fold up seats that you use when you sit on bleachers and they make life so much easier?) with them, and they were just so excited! The set of Grandparents behind us had a daughter who was one of the 5 attendants for Homecoming Queen. I don't think they could be anymore excited, and they convinced everyone around them that she was just so sweet. Later that night, we found out that their Granddaughter actually made Homecoming Queen. It was a nice end to the night, since in a way we knew her so well. I was totally rooting for her.
2--Trav took me to a movie, and I dominated him at the hoop shoot game.
3--Drooled over some other crafts I want to make. I have quite the list for myself. Can't wait to start!!
4--Saturday we did some yard work, cleaned the house, and gave Trey a bath. I *harvested* :) the garden.

Auntie Kristine took Kassi out for lunch and brought back two smothered burritos for Trav and I. So wonderful!! (Thanks AK!) Later that night, we had Mom, Kelly, Levi, and Grandpa Smith over for a BBQ, and watched Avatar! (I don't think I'll ever get sick of that show!)
5--Went 3-0 on my Fantasy Football League. (Woot!)
6--Attempted some pictures of the snuggie and I, and sort of failed. (It's really big!)

6--Watched my boys finally win a game!
7--Played games at Grandpa Wooten's.
8--Called 911 because somehow the propane tank caught on fire. (Cancelled the call because my Uncle saved the day.)
9--Enjoyed a delishous BBQ (Stovetop) dinner with the fam!
10--Spent a little bit of time at home, relaxing with Trav's mom and sister.

It was short, but good times!!

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