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Thursday, September 9, 2010

I love...

these things, in this order:

1) Writing a to-do list.
2) Forgetting to add something.
3) Doing that something.
4) Writing it on my to-do list.
5) Immediately crossing it off.

The feeling of accomplishment is such a great one.


kel said...

Jess! So I have a teacher that for every class she types us up a list of what we are going to do and talk about that day and she puts boxes next to each item. After we get done doing that item she stops and tells everyone to smile big and check off that thing. I love it! It is my most favorite class for that very reason!!! Also, I am writing to inform you that your nasty-a-spider freaks me out and I hate visiting your blog because of it so if you could please post like fifty posts so you have to go to another page I would appreciate it. I also love to read your posts so it would kind of be like a double win!!!! Luv ya jess!

Trav and Jessica said...

Hey Kel!

That's so awesome! It's so so nice to feel like you're accomplishing something. Even if your list says "Breathe today"'s a wonderful feeling crossing something off for sure!

I agree about the whole spider thing. Just feel lucky that you do not have to live in the infestation of too many legged creatures that is my house.

Also, you're in luck. I'm working on a post with LOTS of pictures that will hopefully push Mr. Nasty A three pages down.

Miss you!!

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