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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fishing, Crafting, Visiting, BBQing, Wanting, and Loving.

Love this!! Trey and Kassi, sharing a pillow. So adorable.

Ok, I'm going to have to blog a lot this week because if I see these cute puppy wrinkles every time I open my blog, I will give in and bring home another one, and Travis will not be happy. Must. Blog. More.
*Also, while we're admiring the beautifulness that is this puppy, if you can't tell he was trying so hard to get under our gate. Our neighbor's daughter was visiting and brought her two dogs (one of them being this puppy). The second the puppy came to visit, he darted to the gate and wanted to play with Trey, who was on the other side...doing the same exact thing. It was the most precious thing I've ever seen. If there weren't 42 dogs in our front yard, I would have let Trey out. He gets a little hump crazy, so instead, I brought wrinkles around to the back and they met. I really, really want another puppy.

Thanks to the long weekend, I was able to get a few crafts done and I absolutely LOVE how they turned out. This one is a shadowbox frame with real objects inside (actual block letters, real (fake) flowers, etc..)

And this is just wood block letters. The first of many to come. I'm officially in love.

We were able to do some fishing, which was nice because I was pretty bummed about having to cancel our camping trip/ :( (See: Weather,yousuck!)

That just about sums up our Memorial Day weekend!!


Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Puppies are the best!!! LoL!! :) I love your crafts. They look super cute!! Jacquie is totally a craft-head... she makes the most adorable stuff.. much like your stuff with the block letters and all.

Trav and Jessica said...


Cute!! They're so much fun, I love it!

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