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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Weekend fun/fright

Kassi, Tony, and I decided to spend the day at the movies on Sunday! It was tons of fun :) We decided last minute that we were 1) Starving and 2) wanting to see a movie that started in 5 minutes.

We ordered at the little deli place in Jordan Commons and then went over to the Mayan to get some chips..and salsa..and guacamole..and olives..and yellow peppers, lol. We had quite the selection!

The first movie we saw was I Love You, Man. Hi.Lar.I.Ous.
When that was over, we decided we should go see another one while we were there so next we saw Knowing, which was great!! It's one of those thinker movies, with Nicolas Cage. It was a really great show!

Monday morning I woke up to Trey having a REALLY hard time breathing. I immediately took him to the hospital and as it turns out, he has Kennel Cough and a sinus infection :( Poor guy. He got two prescriptions that he has to take twice daily. Hopefully they help!! I feel so bad when he does his snorting/coughing thing.


Courtney and Dan said...

Fun!! I haven'e seen I Love You, Man yet but I want to!! My mom said Knowing, and said she liked it as well but kind of didn't know what to think of it at the same time. Dan and I saw Fast and Furious...that's a good one!! You should see it!!

Poor Trey!! I'm so sorry!! When my dogs have kennel cough they seriously sound like HUMANS's CREEEPY...

Trav and Jessica said...

Yeah, I know where your mom is coming from. Like, it was really suspensful and overall very good but mainly the ending we were like what the crap?! It was definitely different.

I know :( I feel so bad for him! It's doesnt sound like a's more like hiccuping or trying to breath and can't...idk though, I will have him finish his medicine and see how things go. Hopefully whatever it is goes away!! Poor thing!

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