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Thursday, November 13, 2008

The one about the best dog in the world!

This is Trey! Our pitbull. He is going to be 3 years old in June and we have had him for the entire time. We got him when he was about a month old. He is really special to us and has an awesome story behind him! Trav and I had been talking about getting a dog for a long time. It was mostly me that wanted him, but Travis never really said no. So, WE had been talking about getting a dog for a really long time :). Travis went to hang out with his dad for a weekend so Kassi and I went to Idaho to go visit some old friends. While there, my best friend Mari said that her parents just got a dog from somewhere that they really didnt want because they already had too many. She said she didnt know what kind it was but that it kind of looked like a pitbull. Well, I BEGGED her to take me to go look at it. A pitbull was exactly what we wanted. So, we go look at him. I get there and he is curled up next to the stairs, all by himself. He had something wrong with his leg and you could tell when he would get up and walk, he limped every time. We still don't know what it is. The doctor said as long as it is not getting worse, he is okay. We take him to the park and play fetch with him and keep him very active so we have noticed a significant change in his leg :) Anyway, so I picked him up and instantly fell in love. I had to have this dog. So, on our way to Target to buy him everything he needed and start the spoiling process, we are on the freeway and we look over and notice a "hott guy" I am obviously with Travis but Mari was single so we start to tell her MARI! Look! She agreed that he was hott, grabbed a piece of paper from my car, wrote down her number, and MY name...haha I have no idea why. I told her that what if they started to seriously date, how would she explain that she wrote down MY name because she didnt want him to have hers?! So she crosses out my name and puts her name hahaha...then sticks it up to the window. So what does said hott man do? He picks up his phone and calls it right away. Keep in mind...this whole time we are driving side by side. Mari's phone starts to ring and she looks at it and says "Oh my god guys, what do I do?!" We're like uhh...probably answer since he is watching you freak out right now! So, long story short...she answers, they talk, they hang out. Fast forward a year and a half. They are married with one kid and another on the way! Isn't that adorable? ALL because we went and picked up Trey!

So, there is a little bit of a background on the best dog ever! I really should post some younger pics of him, because I have a million! But here are a few very recent ones that I wanted to share!

We bought him a bone last night and gave it to him after he ate. At first he was SO stoked! You could tell after a few minutes though that he looked scared. He knows he is not supposed to chew on anything in the house. Haha, apparently he thought that was the same for his bone. So Travis gave it to him again, because he dropped it and went to the other side of the room, and kinda played with him for a min to let him know it was okay. Once we passed that point? He would not let go of it. He LOVED it and finished the entire thing in about two hours, lol. I thought it was so cute how he took it to his bed and just chilled with his bone.

This was the HARDEST picture to get! I had to say his name like 5 times and FINALLY he looked up like what the hell do you want?? I'm busy!

This was a few nights ago. I noticed he was shivering cuz he was cold one morning when I woke up to get ready for work! :( So I tried to put a blanket on top of him to see what he would do. He woke up, looked at me, and went right back to sleep...SO CUTE!!

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