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Thursday, November 13, 2008

How do they do it?

So we just got cable/internet/phone hooked up through Comcast. I cannot tell you how excited we are about it. At first I was just excited to not go through DirecTv anymore...which is a WHOLE different story that is very long so I will just give you the moral of the story. DO. NOT. GO. THROUGH. DIRECTV. No matter what they offer you. Sometimes it is free gas, sometimes it is first 3 months for free, sometimes it's pretty words to tell you you are getting the best possible deal! Whatever it is, NOT worth it. (This answers the question to the title of the post! They BEG and BRIBE their customers!)

Anyway, back to Comcast. They come to install the cable yesterday (We've had internet and phone through them for a couple of weeks now) and Trav and I were just messin with it when we got home last night. Turns out 1) They provide HD, for free. Which by the way Trav is obsessed with. I wont talk about the 2 hours he spent flipping from one channel in HD to another that was NOT in HD saying Babe! Look at the difference, can't you tell?? OH man, I can't believe we have gone all this time without this! Wow, look at the floor on this one, then on this one! Look at his face on this one, then on this one. Haha, good times. 2) They have DVR service, which is one of the main reasons I initially went with DirecTv. I had NO idea Comcast had that as well! 3) They have on demand so you can basically watch a movie whenever you would like to. You can watch MUSIC VIDEOs and hook it up to the stereo so it sounds and looks great. We love and watch intervention all of the time and guess what?! It is on demand! Anytime we want to watch intervention, is waiting for us on channel 1! 4) It is cheaper than DirecTv and you get more channels. 5) They have NO contracts at all and no installation fees but they still have promotions going all of the time because I think they love and really care about their customers! 6) and maybe my favorite feature, we have freekin karaoke on our TV!!! Singing party at my house soon to come!

We are so excited, haha probably too excited for just a silly cable switch. If anyone is thinking about which company to get their cable/satellite through, we would definitely suggest Comcast. :)

p.s. Comcast, if you read this post...I think you should pay me a little. I just TOTALLY sold your service!

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