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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A day at work...

One of the things I love about my job is that it is something new everyday! In the training department, we don't have a WHOLE lot on our plate so it leaves us open to doing these types of things. Or things like training the entire call center on something day. Or things like taking calls when we are super busy. It is nice. Don't get me wrong...we have our things that need to be done everyday and some days there are not enough hours to get everything done but the days like today are so much fun!

I spent 90% of my day working on these. We found the pics online, printed them, cut A MILLION of them, and then thought up cute things to add to make them even more festive. We are going to have a big Christmas tree in our breakroom and these will be the ornaments, after the operators take one and write something good about someone else on them! Awesome right?

Anyway, to start the trend, we wrote them for each other after we finished:

It's hard to see all of the designs unless you click on the picture and make it huge, but we made stockings with glitter...that got ALL over our desks, and floor :S. The vaccuum crew will love us tonight! :) haha, little bows, snowmen, Christmas trees, and little gingerbread men!

I probably won't post again until after Thanksgiving so have a wonderful Turkey and crazy shopping day!!

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Chris and Heather said...

I agree, being in the training department is probably one of the best positions!

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