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Friday, January 14, 2011

What's Christmas season without the Temple lights?!

...The answer is "Not nearly as good"

The lights downtown SLC around Christmastime are so beautiful. I went with the fam a few weeks ago to check them out!!


There were 12 of us this time! (Me, Kass, AK, Auntie Tammy, Uncle David, Alexis, Daniel, Katie, Megan, Jo, Her Mom (Sorry!), and Sam!)


Besides the freezing factor, it was fun! We stopped on the walk back to the car and got some hot cocoa, compliments of AK. SWEET!!


Megan came prepared with hand (nose) warmers, and Kassi came prepared to pose.


It was a lovely adventure during the greatest season out there!!

PS..if you're keeping track, that just about completes my Holiday pictures. Next up, *vacation pics!!!!* I've been so excited to go through and edit and post and remember and wish I was still there and document this trip!! Coming to a blog near you very, soon!! (Keep in mind though...I was able to document close to 1000 memories during that trip. Lucky me!)

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