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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The pink dots on the D are my favorite.

Since they're my favorite, and it's kind of hard to see them on the picture below, here are the pink dots! A. dor. a. ble. Right?


I've mentioned this recently, but I'll mention it again. I was a busy. busy. busy. lady around the holidays. My cousin Megan hinted a few times that she wanted the letters "Dance" for her room. I knew the first time that she'd mentioned it that that's what I was going to be making for her for Christmas.

To clarify...She told me starting in Septemberish about the dance letters.

To admit something that totally shows who I am...Her letters were finished on Christmas Eve. Whew. I don't like to cut things close, do I!

I had a couple of other requests, and ended up making hand made gifts for a good chunk of the fam. I had a great time doing it, and loved the way they turned out! It's so nice to watch someone's face light up over something you made with your own two hands.


I was able to post these examples in my Etsy shop, and guess what?! I got my first sale!!! I've had my Etsy shop open for awhile now, so makes me all sorts of giddy.

Oh, and speaking of Etsy, I made this really cute (I think) collage of pictures (mostly from my vaca to Alabama) to use as my default Etsy pic. Maybe the picture of my flip flops with beach sand on them triggered my first sale. Sweet!!


While we're on the Etsy topic...I was fixing up my blog a little the other day and accidentally deleted my etsy shop button!! Boo! That will be coming back shortly. Hopefully.

In the meantime, if you want to check out my shop it's

Love you all!! Have a great Hump Day! (How is it not Friday yet?!) Be back soon!

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